#56 – The Fiddle And The Mandolin

You can learn a lot from bluegrass music. There is a rich history, form and structure but plenty of space to make it your own. My wife, four kids and I recently walked into an unassuming brick building that was surrounded by trendy restaurants, sleek office buildings and a Google fiber retail activation. Oddly enough, […]

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#52 – Lost Keys & Artificial Urgency

Life or death situations are truly urgent. In these cases, the neurochemicals in our bodies can provide a helpful jolt pulling us into immediate mechanical action and out of a dangerous situation. Artificial urgency is a reoccurring phenomenon¬†that plagues even the most mindful people. The same process that we use to react to a driver […]

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#49 – Old Guitars and Happy Accidents

Happy accidents want to be found, but they don’t like being sought out. These beautifully complicated anomalies appear when you least expect them. ¬†They are fed by a genuine and general curiosity of all things, and they usually present themselves as a collision of interdisciplinary ideas resulting from uncluttered awareness and a conditioned-free perspective. Can […]

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