My experience building companies and leading large technology projects has refined a tolerance for living in the messy middle. It’s a place where most inhabitants speak different languages. Everything maintains a rather hazy definition, while potential permeates the substrate. I love to live in the beginner’s mind driven by curiosity and impacting meaningful change. The greatest things in the world begin as a crazy idea.

Gradatim ferocitar … step-by-step ferciously.

Sometimes old problems need a fresh perspective. A view unencumbered by the way things have been done. An idea factory released from ego and the fear of being wrong. Pure truth seeking requires empathy and malleable foundational knowledge, and interdisciplinary collectives are the platform of the future.

micro-THINK TANKs bring a new approach to complex problems plaguing cities, businesses, and organizations including infrastructure issues, political divides, antiquated systems, use of technology, bureaucratic roadblocks or exponential social challenges.


Are you facing an exponential challenge or complex problem that needs a fresh perspective? Is the old way leading to frustration and stagnation?


Are you someone that thrives in exploration without expectation? Do you enjoy living between disciplines? Are you driven by curiousity, truth-seeking and positive change?

Contact: microthinktanks@jeremygilbertson.com