#66 – Tilting The Axis

Limitations of our own creation that are confirmed through our formal education need not live in perpetuity. The key to your next adventure can live between two separate worlds. Dividing lines are points of connection. Sometimes we miss the signal for the noise, and by slowing down a bit we can clear the antenna for clean transmission.

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#63 – One Try Away

I was chatting with my seven-year-old, Keller this morning as I watched him try to open a large jar of animal crackers. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my confusion sparked by the fact that cookies in the shape of circus animals could be downgraded on the pre-diabetic scale to crackers. Keller was struggling […]

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#61 – Calm within chaos

We can all find ourselves lost in moments between our self-imposed limitations and our actual potential. Throughout this mental tug-of-war, grit is the quality that bridges the gap between those two worlds. It stands with you to battle the voice that encourages giving up and the easy way out. Developing grit is a critical factor in your success as an athlete or with any of your endeavors outside the gym. You don’t need special equipment or trendy gym accoutrements. You can develop grit with consistent, mindful attention and an awareness of the world around you. As with many things, the answers reside in you.

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#60 – Cheeseburgers & Robots

I read about a guy that is perfecting a robot that will build the perfect cheeseburger. His goal is not merely to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur, but he hopes to match the industry standard that pumps out 100 cheeseburgers in an hour. Photo credit: Brian Fenke Meet Alex Vardakostas. The CEO of Momentum Machines […]

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