#54 – Patterns, Cars and People

Patterns are infinitely fascinating. A paradiddle is a pattern and one of the basic rudiments of rhythm resulting in four strokes performed in the order R-L-R-R or L-R-L-L. Like rhythm and notation in music, patterns provide framework for our existence. If you subscribe to the theory of quantum mechanics, we are all a collection of […]

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#52 – Lost Keys & Artificial Urgency

Life or death situations are truly urgent. In these cases, the neurochemicals in our bodies can provide a helpful jolt pulling us into immediate mechanical action and out of a dangerous situation. Artificial urgency is a reoccurring phenomenon that plagues even the most mindful people. The same process that we use to react to a driver […]

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#50 – Two Words … Twice

You are on a tropical beach with your toes curled in the sand. The sound of the palms brushing together in the breeze teases the coziness of rain without a drop in sight. The dance between the grains of sand and the motion of your feet discards any overactive thoughts or preoccupation. Leaning forward, you […]

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#49 – Old Guitars and Happy Accidents

Happy accidents want to be found, but they don’t like being sought out. These beautifully complicated anomalies appear when you least expect them.  They are fed by a genuine and general curiosity of all things, and they usually present themselves as a collision of interdisciplinary ideas resulting from uncluttered awareness and a conditioned-free perspective. Can […]

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#47 – The Circle from the Chain

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called Total Freedom – The Essential Krishnamurti, which is a collection of talks and writings from Jiddu Krishnamurti. He was a teacher not tied to a particular discipline, a thinker not aligned with one school of thought, but a man who wanted to urge others toward freedom through self-realization. The individual […]

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