What is 52musings?

  52Musings is my writing experiment that explores thematic interconnectedness between the various disciplines of creativity and the closely coupled themes of mindfulness, philosophy, gratitude, technology, science, music and art. Through this process, I am learning that I am thriving in the confluence of multiple disciplines, and discovering the mind-blowing through-lines between them all. By writing, […]

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073 – A Print Maker on Success

Just like truth, success is a term that lives in rotational flux based on information and experience at a moment in time. Every great success is usually followed by a new journey with different parameters, interesting characters and moments of doubt that emerge from the messy middle of bringing life to crazy ideas. Have you […]

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#66 – Tilting The Axis

Limitations of our own creation that are confirmed through our formal education need not live in perpetuity. The key to your next adventure can live between two separate worlds. Dividing lines are points of connection. Sometimes we miss the signal for the noise, and by slowing down a bit we can clear the antenna for clean transmission.

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