079 – Tension on the Surface

Photo by Jack Cain on Unsplash

Our planet, our society, and we ourselves are built of star stuff.

Carl Sagan, Cosmos

The hydrogen in our cells is the same hydrogen that created the universe. The iron expelled by supernovas is the same iron that lives in our blood. What swirls around stars also pumps through our veins. We are built from the same components. We are one and the same. If we each can relate to a burning sphere floating in space, why do we struggle to relate to each other on the surface of the planet?

Sometimes we have to travel far to understand what already exists within ourselves. Astronauts referring to the Earth from orbit can provide a valuable reminder for all of us. Oddly enough, by careening through lower Earth orbit, a more unified perspective emerges. We are not Americans, Iranians, Mexicans, republicans, democrats, bankers and restaurant owners. We are fellow beings made of the same material sharing a pale blue dot spinning around a star swirling around larger galaxies in the ever-expanding universe. Our ideological differences are merely surface tension on the top of a large ocean that spans to depths we haven’t explored. We are deeper than what separates us on the surface, but it can be difficult to see beyond the waves colliding, exploding and receding only to repeat the process. Rather than elevating above, we brace for the next blow while preparing our counter-offensive.

In the face of a global threat to our health, economy and general way of life, we should resist the urge to participate in what divides us and lean into what connects us. We should respect the simplicity and beauty of fundamental mathematics as we put energy into the small things within our control to collectively influence a positive outcome. Where there is a lack of leadership, we should become leaders in our families, close circles and through our digital presence. Just as this threat expands through the power of exponential math, our response and actions equally have that power at our disposal. Let what resonates through that microphone be a message that is rooted in our connection to each other. Let our actions speak through the understanding that we are innately united even though we may appear divided on the surface.

Stay in, stay safe and be kind to each other.

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