074 – From Left to Write

The journey to self-knowledge starts with acknowledging, capturing, unpacking and synthesizing the voice in your head. Sometimes we are too busy to even listen to it, let alone understand it. With understanding, we can find ourselves in positively inspiring opportunities rather than energy draining obligations.

It all starts with pencil, paper and a little friction. Friction between the pencil and the paper and friction between your ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experience. The lead from the pencil changes form with your hand driving the shapes that remain on the page. These shapes can make room for new ways of thinking. Writing can sometimes right the ship and serve as a means to understand yourself. The act itself is an exercise in exploration and discovery. It is an attempt to materialize the unfettered combination of electrical energy and subconscious thought.

If writing is so good, then why don’t we do more of it? It’s hard, that’s why.

It’s working through the drivel to uncover the jewels. Those jewels are the words and ideas that synthesize information from a variety of sources weaving it together with your past and present experiences. If you are lucky, it may deliver a thoughtful insight worthy to share with the world. If not, you still have succeeded in making something out of nothing. In order to mine these jewels, you must work tirelessly around the imposing and often uninteresting chunks of letters, eraser debris and unfinished and often abstract thoughts. You may not see jewels for weeks or months, but they are inspiring gifts that breed confidence and momentum. Even discarded words serve a purpose. They stir new patterns of thought that didn’t exist when you started. Every new word, jewel or drivel, presents an opportunity to understand something new, reign in an idea, spark curiosity or just provide a release valve.

Write without expectation, and you will travel to unexpected places. Take the time to listen to your thoughts and process the myriad incoming stimuli landing in your world. Fielding and processing are two entirely different workflows. More importantly, write to understand yourself more intimately.

Synthesis moves from left to write. If we don’t write, something important gets left.

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