073 – A Print Maker on Success

Just like truth, success is a term that lives in rotational flux based on information and experience at a moment in time. Every great success is usually followed by a new journey with different parameters, interesting characters and moments of doubt that emerge from the messy middle of bringing life to crazy ideas.

Have you considered your definition of success? For me at this moment, success means finding myself in more “want to” opportunities than “have to” obligations. Simple put, if I am enjoying what I am doing, I would call that success. While this philosophy may remain consistent, how I define the word will likely change sooner than later.

My friend, Lennie Gray Mowris has achieved success in many permutations of art, design and social impact. Lennie is a print artist and a “magically disgruntled manifestor”. Her studio, lenspeace fosters community and social change through storytelling and art. Lennie’s recent endeavor, Impactologie brings an actionable framework to some of the most challenging problems.

(un)l3@Rn 003: Lennie talks about unlearning her definition of success.

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