072 – A Shifting Center

What we see and who we are varies with perspective … (if we are lucky).

A 10th floor office building window, the peak of a 14’er in Colorado, the ice wall of Meru in the Garhwal Himalayas, the window seat of an airplane, the glass porthole of the International Space Station, a telescope sitting 239,000 miles away on the surface of the moon or in the middle of a vast field on Mars all present a different view of what Carl Sagan referred to as “the pale blue dot”.

Sagan shared that all the people we’ve ever known, all that has ever been created, the wars raged, countries counquered, political battles, all the rights and wrongs, the perceived importance of owning a piece of the planet, controlling a terriorty or group of people all tends to dissolve when you see Earth as “a mode of dust suspended in a sunbean” or “a lonely spec in the great enveloping cosmic dark”.

All anything is is now. This moment. Everything else is a reflection or projection of that moment. Here we can find a much needed reset when we get pulled into the fray of the temporal echoes , harried action and overloaded plates. Just like the pale blue dot, we are a small grain in a large universe in constant motion interacting with other things.

Couldn’t we be united by a perspective so vast that it can’t be judged, labeled or manipulated for personal gain?

It is a humbling notion that we are not as important as we think we are. I find it inspiring, frightening, jarring and settling all at the same time. Our personal existence should not feel diminished by this idea. It’s an opportunity to expand our consciousness by relinquishing the concept of our appearance at the center of all that exists.

Can a universe or a larger collective even have a center?

Maybe it’s a shifting center that moves like particles in the universe emerging from our interactions with others, the time we spend in nature and in the acquistion of new information. The shifting center is a guiding light without origin or destination. It just is. A vehicle for moments to be enjoyed intently and purely without the distraction of looking back or projecting forward. A framework for processing what we see and hear. A backdrop for the expansion of our malleable foundational knowledge.

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