070 – The (un)L3@Rn Project

Truth is based on the information that we have on hand at a moment in time. The problem is that these truths go through a transformation process, and they are converted into beliefs that are strictly defended by our ego. Once we believe in something, it becomes a part of us rooted in the depths of our being. These beliefs are so deeply entrenched that we unknowingly seek companionship based on whether others hold those same beliefs. We also hate being wrong, which perpetuates division and zero sum games. Falling into patterns and shortcut systems only reinforce those beliefs and feed the cycle.

How many of those beliefs shape who we are, but limit who we can be? What patterns have we fallen into that reduce our chances of bringing new solutions to old problems? Are we constrained by what we may have believed true years ago? Why are we so resistant to new and different perspectives?

The (un)L3@Rn Project will seek open-minded creators, makers and interdisciplinary thinkers for their perspective on pattern-breaking. I want to understand how specific shifts in perspective can lead to the most profound change.

I will ask the same question to each guest.

What have you (UN)learned that had the biggest impact on your world view?

Whenever I have a crazy idea, my first stop is usually the sunlit office of my friend, Rick. Two tan leather chairs sit facing each other on a small rug. We sit together without judgment or expectation and see where it leads.

He was the perfect first guest for the (un)L3@Rn project.

0001 – Rick Julian – Chief Creative Officer, QV Brands

(un)L3@Rn – 0001


“our existence and perception are highly malleable”

“most humans are prisoners of orthodoxy”

“we have a choice in our perception”

“going against the grain takes courage”

“elevate to a meta awareness”

For more on Rick, you can visit http://www.qvbrands.com

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