#37 – What is Music?


The experiment continues.

I wanted to learn about my musical community.

What inspires them?

How do they write a song?

How do they architect a sound?

How do they balance ego and resistance?

When did they know music would be a big part of their lives?

If they could teleport into any musical moment in history, where and when would they go?

How did triplets find their way into the best selling hip-hop records?

What is the most non-traditional use of a traditional instrument?

The best way to learn is to ask great questions, listen intently, let your subconscious make connections and share the results. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to have profound conversations with some of Atlanta’s most thoughtful creators. I always leave these moments deeply inspired, often wishing I could share these experiences with others.

On a commute one morning, I connected a few dots.

I love podcasts.

What if I turned these inspiring conversations into something others could enjoy?

In #36 – Have a Good Day, I made a list of ten characteristics of a good day.

A podcast aimed to define music addresses at least 50% of those items.

  1. Provide stability, ability and opportunity for my wife and kids.
  2. Invest in my health.
  3. Learn and teach.
  4. Discover new things, apply them in interesting ways and share the results.
  5. Connect and create with inspiring people.
  6. Elevate kindness.
  7. Build things out of nothing.
  8. Spend time writing without any expectation.
  9. Find myself in the simplicity and awe of nature.
  10. Spend time in stillness without any thoughts or threats of a ticking clock.

This week’s installment of 52Musings presents an output of a different nature.

What Is Music Is?

Music Is … is a podcast series aimed to define music from various perspectives.

Music is the ultimate feedback loop.

Listeners and creators can participate together by expressing gratitude for what was, mold it into what is, and ponder what it will become. I wanted to connect with our creative community in a meaningful way by having insightful conversations with some of its most unique makers.

My hopes for this project are to demystify music for content creators, discuss sources of inspiration, break down the creative process and, ultimately, define music from each of their perspectives.


In EPISODE #1, I talk with Joel Nettesheim about an intimate experience with John Denver, how to use the whole song as an instrument, the longing for a formerly owned white Falcon guitar, the vocal prowess of Alan Watts, the songwriting process, unconventionally amazing production techniques, and how absorbing the music his Dad used to play on the piano helped shape his musical perspective.

Joel’s music has been described by NPR as some of “the most interestingly odd and unclassifiable music around”. You can check out more of Joel’s music at www.tunewellmusic.com/trappers-cabin. Tunewell is another one of my personal endeavors. We created a music licensing company representing a boutique catalog of pre-cleared music for film, television, advertising and gaming projects. We love to find, elevate and connect ground-breaking music to opportunity.

What do John Denver, Alan Watts and a tennis racket have in common?


Music Is – Episode #1


Theme Song: “Life on Earth” By Jason Shannon

Editing & Mixing: Ben Holst

Host & Producer: Jeremy Gilbertson

Graphic Design: Daniel Patrick Murphy

Brought to you by: Tunewelders and Tunewell Music





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