03 – A Talk with Aaron Coury


A Talk with Aaron Coury


First of all, I lost the official beard competition. Sorry, Mom.

Secondly, we are changing the format this week. 03 features an audio interview with one of my favorite creatives. Aaron Coury is a friend and brilliant photographer based in Atlanta.

We talk about his amazing journey from being a musician, hairstylist, volunteer for a mission program, social worker for a homeless shelter, Ted Turner’s assistant to eventually starting his own photography business, Aaron Coury Photography.

Aaron was also a co-founder of #WELOVEATL, which is a wonderful organization that inspires and empowers people in the Atlanta area to come together and share their love of the city through photography and other visual art.

Our location for the interview was Mammal Gallery in South Broad. Mammal Gallery is an incredible exhibit space, music venue and DIY artist space in South Downtown.

Check them out!

Mammal Gallery


Here are a couple of teasers from our chat:

On #WELOVEATL …“What we accidentally stumbled on is this missing piece in Atlanta of people really wanting to redefine the outlook of Atlanta to the people outside of Atlanta.”

On creativity … “Every single person in the world is creative. Give yourself a chance to have an outlet to be creative, and watch what happens to the fulfillment of your life.”

On fear … “Go after your fears. Find that thing that you feel is holding you back. Put everything else on pause. Tackle that. Watch how much that frees you and opens you up to be a better artist.”

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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Show Notes:

Aaron Coury Photography

Twitter – @aaroncoury

Instagram – @aaroncoury

Aaron’s Facebook page


Volunteer at #WELOVEATL – email info@weloveatl.org

Mammal Gallery

91 Broad NO VACANCY Transformation

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